Top 5 possible natural stem cell boosts

Stem Cell Boost

Stem Cell BoostHow might we all boost our own stem cells?

If possible isn’t that a better, simpler, & safer idea than getting a transplant of stem cells?

Think of it as preventative medicine via stem cells.

It’s not a sure thing by any means. And, yeah, it is not as simple as asking for a boost in your Jamba Juice (see at right).

However, below are five possible simple ways that research suggests theoretically might be helpful to give your existing so-called endogenous stem cells a boost. You can also read more on this in my new stem cell book.

Important: consult with your doctor before considering any of these ideas. This blog post is not meant as medical advice.

1. Exercise

The human body seems designed to increase stem cell numbers when we are more active. This makes great sense if you consider that the more active that we are the more new cells that we’ll need as we are likely to lose more of our older cells by exercising. Here are two papers backing up the idea of exercise boosting our stem cell numbers.

2. Caloric restriction and fasting

An article recently came out saying that fasting boosts stem cell numbers. The team from USC found that even just a few days of fasting increased the number of stem cells in our blood system. This potential connection between fasting and stem cell numbers also makes sense as our body probably needs to be more efficient at times of low food availability and boost resistance to infection.

3. Tai chi

Researchers in China have reported that people who practice the martial art Tai Chi saw a several-fold boost in their stem cell populations (by which they meant a specific type of cell called a “Progenitor CD34+Cells” cell. This seems a little too good to be true in terms of magnitude, but could fit in with the exercise boost discussed above.

4. Sleep

Although I wrote earlier about how activity could boost stem cell levels, it also kind of makes sense that stem cells may do their thing while we are asleep. Stem cell science also supports this idea as well.

5. Protect yourself and your stem cells from radiation

When you read this you probably are thinking of dental or chest x-rays or CT scans, but I think a far more important source of radiation for most of us is UV light from the sun.

It is smart to protect your skin stem cells. Become an educated user of sunscreens and about sun exposure. Their use is complex and in fact may be harmful if misused as most of us do. In any case, the best protection from skin cancer is shade or if you have to be out in the sun, clothing. Do not let sunscreen increase your sun exposure dramatically or its use will backfire.

Finally, something that is not recommended. Stem cell supplements are not of any use based on today’s clearest evidence. They are at best a huge waste of money and at worst a risk to your health.


  1. We are seeing evidence that Curcumin, VPA, Sodium Butyrate and Li have stem cell activating properties. What is your opinion on these Paul?

  2. Pete, Which stem cells are you activating? We are seeing evidence that agents are not ubiquitous for all stem cells / progenitor cells. Henry

  3. I’m a childhood Craniopharyngioma survivor, now living with visual impairment and life long hormonal replacement.
    I’ve researched the topic of regenerating my pituitary and optic nerves naturally to death. So I already practice the above points, except for Tai Chi. As I see it, this is a chicken and egg problem because stem cell regeneration is dependent on increaded GH.

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