Epic stem cell pic contest: win free swag, new Dragon book & t-shirt

stem cell contestWho doesn’t like a good science contest with prizes?

There are so many beautiful pictures of cells including some that are stem cell-related out there in journals and on the web. We can find such images are in papers. Sometimes people post such great cell pics on the web too.

In the past I’ve run various contests here on The Niche. Perhaps my favorite was a stem cell image contest that attracted some amazing entries (see composite included here).

In that spirit, I’m again running a new stem cell picture contest.

The prizes for this new contest include a copy of my new book with my daughter Julie called How to Build a Dragon or Die Trying: A Satirical Look at Cutting-Edge science.

Our dragon book goes through step by step how you could try to make a dragon using stem cells and CRISPR as well as other cutting edge technologies. At the same time the book is a satire of science hype.

Knoepfler How to Build A Dragon book
Me holding a copy of our new book, How to Build a Dragon or Die Trying.

I just got a copy of the book myself and it’s been exciting thumbing through our own book.

Send me your most striking microscopy images somehow related to stem cells and the one judged best will win some prizes. I may give additional prizes if more than one image strikes me as amazing. The cells in the picture do not have to be stem cells. For instance they could be stem cell-derived, differentiated cells. I’d say precursor cells might count too.

Getting back to prizes, I’ll also throw in a copy of my stem cell book and a stem cell t-shirt. See image below.


Submit your images to me by email at knoepfler@ucdavis.edu, but you can also share them with me via a drive such as DropBox or Google Drive. Some of these are likely to be big files.

Anyone is eligible, except members of the Knoepfler Lab.

stem cell t-shirt

The submitted images must be original (taken by you and not have a copyright by someone else). A copyrighted image by you is fine. I also believe that published images would be OK as long as they are not entire figures.

Joint entries by a lab are encouraged too.

By submission you agree to allow The Niche the right to publish the image.

You must include a detailed description of what we are seeing in the image. Also, you should include a description of the methods used (the cells, the antibodies or stains if any, the scope, etc).

Modified images are allowed, but a detailed description of any and all modifications of the image/photo must be included and excessive modification is discouraged.

You can also submit original illustrations including hand drawings.

Each entrant can only submit two images.

The deadline is in two weeks on Thursday August 1.

Send me your entries!

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  1. Congratulations Paul and Julie! How Exciting! My copy arrives today!
    Would love to see stem cell -ish images of a sea squirt and zebra fish embryos. Why do suppose the zebra fish embryos are in my nanosphere liposome tincture?

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