Weekly reads on organoids, COVID, CRISPR, cold chromatin, more

As a researcher, is there ever enough time to get to everything that you want to read especially in newer areas like stem cells, organoids, and CRISPR, without even including non-scientific reads like Shakespeare or a new novel or something like that? Hopefully, putting together lists of recommended reads like today’s post is helpful. I wonder what Shakespeare would have thought about organoids?

Media including COVID-19 updates

Cold chromatin stain
“Upper panels: Representative single z‐planes from 3D‐SIM image stacks of the DAPI‐stained nuclei of AC16 cells kept at 37°C or exposed to different cold temperatures for 24 h. Lower panels: DAPI signal segmented into chromatin and interchromatin regions according to relative intensity. Scale bar: 5 μm. Arrows mark chromatin concentrated at the nuclear periphery (P) and around nucleoli (N).” Fischi, et al EMBO J 2020 Fig. 1a.


Blasts from the past

Ten years ago I did a series of posts on neurological diseases, and while in each case there was some interesting developments, in hindsight I think my titles of the posts were too exuberant.

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