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What a year 2020 was, but there was still plenty of great science, which continues now in 2021 including published research like today’s recommended pieces and there’s one thread on MSCs today.

The Niche new look, more features, and a Medical Advisory Board for 2021

Before we get to the recommended reads, note that 2021 will brings some changes to The Niche.

Some of the new developments are already underway like our Bioethics and Medical Advisory Board. We are also going to be doing more fact-checking of stem cell clinic claims and also those made in the media.

Another part of the plan is to place more emphasis on our many unique resource pages. In that regard, since The Niche is not just a blog, we’ll be undergoing a redesign of the site to a more modern theme. Stay tuned.

wang et al 2020 science advances, MSCs
“Induction of smooth muscle cell differentiation of h MSCs by h-iECs. Differentiation was assessed by smooth muscle myosin heavy chain 11 (MYH11).” Wang, et al. 2020 Science Advances.

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