Weekly reads: badgers, organoids, The Onion, & more

It’s been a little quiet here on The Niche for the past week as I was off in Yellowstone National Park, but I’m back with this week’s recommended weekly reads including a section on organoids.

First, I want to share a nature pic from the trip. A highlight was encountering a badger in Lamar Valley in Yellowstone. I didn’t know much about badgers until we saw one hunting prairie dogs on a hike. I just knew that they were kind of tough white, black, and grey animals.

Being just 20 yards from one made me realize they are relentless hunters and diggers. I wouldn’t want to be a prairie dog there.

badger in Yellowstone Park, organoids
A badger in Yellowstone Park. Photo Paul Knoepfler. Could you isolate badger stem cells and make organoids?

There’s part of me that wishes I could have been a field biologist.

However, you don’t see many stem cells wandering hills or forests to study. Still, I bet there’d be something to learn from studying the stem cells of badgers or even making badger organoids. I just wouldn’t want to be the one who had to somehow get cells from a wild badger. I only found one paper on badgers that mentions stem cells on PubMed and it wasn’t what I expected.

On to our weekly reads.

Recommended pubs on organoids

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