Recommended reads: Single-cell work, COVID twin study, more

Sometimes it seems like a theme spontaneously emerges in pubs that I want to read for a given week like the set of single-cell analysis papers but there are diverse, other items including a striking day-night brain stem cell cycle paper and an interesting piece on identical twins who got COVID.

What are you reading these days?

Day/night cycle and activity of stem cells in the brain

Adult neural stem cell activation in mice is regulated by the day/night cycle and intracellular calcium dynamics, Cell. See graphic abstract below from Gengatharan, et al. The mammalian brain shifts modes at night. It definitely feels that way for us people too. How is that shift controlled at a cellular and molecular level? Does it impact neural stem cells? Notably, the authors found more NSC division during the day, as impacted in the day-night cycle negatively by melatonin.

single cell studies, neural stem cells
Single cell analysis of neural stem cell activity as a function of day vs. nighttime. Graphic abstract, Gengatharan, et al., Cell Stem Cell, 2021.

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